With nearly three decades of experience, Al Ladd has developed successful training methods for pointing dogs that are proven to get results. Whether preparing for field trials or hunting, all of his dogs receive the individual attention, consistent training and conditioning needed to achieve their full potential. Many of our hunting customers and field trial owners remark on how proud they are of their dogs’ style and manners on birds.

From April to December, dogs are trained on Woodcock Haven grounds and in the surrounding wild bird covers. In January, Al leaves for training grounds in North Carolina where the dogs are worked on wild quail and conditioned for the upcoming spring trials.

Key to Al’s training program of grouse dogs is their exposure to an abundance of wild birds — giving them ample opportunity to learn the scent, habits and habitat of grouse and woodcock. Most importantly, the dogs are trained with the patience and understanding that enables them to learn while retaining their natural desire and enhancing their style. To help achieve their peek physical condition, dogs are regularly roaded and are fed Eukanuba Performance.

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